I had some challenges with my home. The news from other contractors was not pretty, confusing and expensive. SAI approached the problem in an analytical manner and proposed a plan that would peal the onion. The end result was an excellent solution. They are fair, on time and insist on high quality from everyone associated with the work.
— Roy S.
I have had the pleasure of working with SAI Construction on several occasions, as well as recommending them to clients. They have always proven to be the utmost professional. They are honest, organized, detail oriented and of the highest integrity. The workmanship is impeccable. In every aspect of the projects that I have worked with them, or have seen, their approach has been knowledgeable and friendly. They offer good advice, support, creativity and flawless execution. I have always been impressed and I look forward to working with them in the future.
— Dave K.
Our very high end, single family home sub-division in the El Dorado Hills was experiencing many problems and difficulties during construction when we solicited the help of Salaber Associates, Inc. (SAI). SAI jumped into the project, quickly got up to speed, and facilitated the completion of the work, which required sensitive coordination, cooperation and collaboration with many stakeholders, including the designer, the contractors, the County, the many utility companies, and even the financing institutions. Frankly, we would have had a difficult time completing our project without their competent and professional help. SAI proved to us that they are one of the premier engineering consulting firms in the industry and I would highly recommend them to any developer. Thanks for everything.
— John Gladish, Partner, Ridgeview West, LLC.
SAI are very meticulous in their work. I felt secure with them in my home. The company does excellent work.
— Judy S.